Air cargo Transport : We are constant aware of the security threats for your products might encounter on route. GPS Management is of major importance to secure your products. Together with our clients we create tailor-made solutions, implement your own security requirements.
High end locking systems are standard and GPS on trailers.
All drivers, office staff and Management are screened and followed Air Cargo security awareness and Robbery and Response.

Temperature controlled : Ehd Trans Eood temperature controlled transport capabilities covers daily distribution of a wide variety of products, capability throughout Europe.

Temperature controlled vehicles with registration. (including Mega trailers, standard trailers)

High Value Transport : Ehd Trans Eood has in mission to be TAPA certified haulier to make excellent use of the possibilities in the market so we can use our double crew vehicle’s for the needs of our clients.

Linehauls : we drive for our clients direct line haul delivery’s daily or weekly with fixed departure and arrival schedule with the expected type of equipment.


Daily Mailing list : if you want to receive our daily trucking capacity please send us an email (link : )